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Olive Ridley Advisory (ORA) Group is a leading global management consulting, business conferences, training & advisory group. ORA partners with decision-makers to address their unique & paramount challenges with an innovative framework and provide actionable insights to make informed decisions. We're here to champion the maneuverability definition & shape the possible.

At ORA, we empower our people to become leaders and you have the power and responsibility to shape your journey.

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Diversity,Culture,Equality & Inclusion

At ORA, bring your instinct, imagination and work together to approach new initiatives with excitement and implement meaningful action. Collaborate and share knowledge and ideas beyond boundaries. We learn and improve every day. We believe in diversity, equality and inclusion for people of thought, backgrounds and origins. We thrive together and learn from each other every day. We believe we can make the world a better place.

Our Values

We're here to champion the maneuverability definition & shape the possible.

ORA’s Initiative & Commitment to Military Veterans

ORA Group supports a diverse workforce & inclusion and committed to serve the society. We collaborate to develop training & career opportunities for transitioning service members, military veterans through a variety of programs. These programs include IT training, data management, report writing, cybersecurity, networking, and programming. We’ll provide a clear path to their existing skills of leadership, unique perspective & they possess a passion to advance a mission bigger and achieve with excellence and helps in smooth transition to corporate growth through variety of programs. ORA’s team salute them for their service by helping in smooth corporate transition and support them success as they return and willing to contribute the civilian workforce. We strive to offer unparalleled career opportunities & to raise awareness of the value of engaging or hiring veterans.

We’re thankful for the Veterans who’ve joined our team & we continuously strive to grow our family in coming years.

Perks & Benefits

Please note perks and benefits may likely to vary with country regulations.