We devise cohesive strategies that balance ESG objectives, policy measures innovative technologies transforming goals towards net-zero emissions

Amid sweeping complex regulatory change, various ESG-focused regulations are taking shape and firms are under consistent commitment and pressure to respond to swiftly evolving requirements. Organizations and investors are considering sustainability as a prerequisite of any strategic & operational decision to address major global challenges across sectors; hence ESG assessments have become an integrated part of any managed portfolio more than ever before. The adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations is a driver of innovation and new opportunities that create long-term sustainable value for business and society. The Embedded sustainability framework successfully results in a positive impact on business performance including measurable risk with a robust and clearly defined implementation strategy. Robust ESG framework has the potential to build the resilience of companies & create long-term value creation and represents a market-based framework to guide investors better align their portfolios.

The ESG experts at ORA facilitate all the facets of ESG implementation into the portfolio from the development of the strategic framework to reporting and staying compliant with regulatory requirements. Our team will help in exclusionary screening and work alongside you to develop a robust transformational strategy, provide an implementation roadmap of sustainability and shape your ESG investment strategy.

Bespoke research that leverages our extensive expertise with deep understanding and analytical prowess to offer our clients true intelligence services, and practices to drive resiliency and competitive advantage as they navigate complex problem-solving across the entire process cycle to achieve their ESG goals & We’re committed to net-zero strategies.

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