We minimise the complexity of risk, ensure timely compliance and manage end-to-end transformational journey by optimising risk of operational silos, building resilience, respond to market disruptions across supply chain operations

Operational excellence has become a critical strategic organizational requirement to compete in a dynamic environment. Globalization has opened up diverse opportunities across geographies; however in recent years internationalization has come under tremendous pressure with stringent enforcement by policymakers locally & globally with operations, technical, protectionism, licensing and other important aspects to secure stakeholders interest and rights across the value chain. Recent advancements in technology, delivery platforms, digital payment models require an adoption at a faster pace to outperform in the market and warrant jettisoning traditional operations. In today’s complex & dynamic business environment, companies strive to assess the compatibility of their strategy across product or service cycles for guiding investment decisions or revamping the allocated resources to new segments with the needs, resources, and objectives of the organization. Should we be in this business? Should we add a new business? Will it be a sustainable business? How to secure substantial market share? How to increase market share? Should we launch a new product in this geography? Are we working with the right suppliers? What levers should we use to negotiate a better deal with incumbent suppliers? Are we paying the optimal price? Do best-in-class companies adopt a different engagement model? What benchmarks should we include as part of the contractual terms? Where are new threats emerging?

ORA’s consultants have deep industry understanding & expertise to cater to the complete value chain across the C-suites or decision-makers to respond to niche problems areas by understanding market dynamics, preferences & shifts in the business to navigate disruption & operational challenges, mitigate risk and liability with the actionable strategy and practices to drive resiliency and competitive advantage. Our strong heritage in custom research has evolved over our 16 years in business to include capabilities well beyond insight gathering. Bespoke research that leverages our extensive expertise with deep market understanding and analytical prowess to offer our clients true intelligence services as they navigate complex problem-solving across the entire product life cycle. ORA’s tailor-made approach is a blend of strategic intelligence and analytics; nourished by recommendations of an unrivaled network of connoisseurs & powered by advanced analytics to address the complex business challenges, supply chains, integrate internal workstreams or business functions to ensure impactful results to achieve better performance, building resilience and sustainability profitable growth, capture market share, increase RoI etc. We have a range of services to embrace the change across the supply and logistics value chain in Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemicals, Industrials, Medial technology, CPG & Retail and Technology.

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